Our Story

Turned Wedding Films was formed through an offshoot of Turned Productions in 2010 with a purpose for specializing in wedding Filmmaking & Photography. John, Sean and Andrew make up the core of the studio while utilizing additional talented artists depending on the collaboration.

Not in our wildest dreams did we ever envision ourselves doing what we do today. We launched into weddings from the art production studio background without really knowing what we were getting into and where it would lead us. From the beginning we centered everything around staying true to our roots and using our gifts to serve couples looking for something unique.

Every year we have grown on this commitment as we expand products and services centered around being specialized with a creative approach.  

Music has always been a cornerstone of our work as that is where everything began. John & Andrew started their friendship through jamming together as a guitar/cello singer songwriter duo. Incorporating custom music into the filmwork happened organically. It’s about offering something all original. Today the music is mostly composed and recorded by John with guest visits from a close group of musical friends.

If we had to choose one word in describing the studio it would be “handcrafted.” We take a hands on approach to every aspect of the work. As a team of artist, each of us contribute with the combined purpose of sharing in our passions and for further growing the studio.

The most important element of our efforts are the epic couples we have the opportunity to serve. With grateful hearts we thank each and every amazing client from days past, present and future. Thank you for inviting us to take part in your lives and for sharing your story.




"My journey as a professional artist and has been focused on one main approach; the natural organic moment. Seeing something and capturing it in a creative visual way on the fly as it appears. Even with a designed plan or idea, the fact is I never know exactly what is going to happen or how it will develop. Ideas appear in front of me and I try my best to translate and mold them together into a masterpiece.
Growth as an artist is daily experience. Exposure to other brilliant artists as well as working on a variety of locations has pushed my creative thinking and ideas forward. With each passing day, I learn something new and apply it towards the final composition. What drives my creative focus is my passion for natural beauty, macro details and the personal interaction and friendship developed with each client. Every couple has an interesting and unique story to be told leading up to their special day. I find it utmost fascinating to be asked to be invited into a couples lives and be asked to take place in capturing the memories of one of the most important days of their lives. Amazing and awesome."



"Tell me what is better than the manifestation & reality of love. To me, nada. My name is Andrew, my roots are solid but stretch from Siberia to China to South America to Canada to California. My family has lived through the majority of revolutions in the world since 1917. The culmination of this… Is a perspective, an outlook on life which has to be centered by love; as love is the one true thing which has been able to transcend with my family through these worlds & realities. On a wedding day I see many things; but for the most part, all things on that day are under the umbrella of love. To be a part of this day & the time leading up to it, it’s brilliant. I cherish the moments. This is my personal lens which I express through the lens of a camera, be it filmaking or photography, through written word or music. I’m about as far away from normal as you can get. …but it’s all about the love, man. & so, we go forth."




In college while studying Accounting, I read two books that changed my career trajectory.  One was about what it takes to be an artist and a storyteller and the other was about a movie producer. After graduating,  I moved to Los Angeles and pursued my dream toward working as a line producer on a few small feature films. A few years later, I decided to take a break from the Hollywood scene and move to the central coast to join longtime friends John and Andrew. I've always been interested in storytelling and participating in the collaborative form of creating art.  My inspiration is pulled from the diverse outdoors. Nature is extremely creative. From how the wind blows to every sunrise and sunset, each day holds its own look and feel. It's that diversity which drives my passion for filmaking.